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Wholesale Trade Magazines

Whatever type of wholesale merchandise you need for your business, you will find it in one of the fine monthly magazines represented by Forum Publishing. Whether it is wholesale jewelry, accessories, closeouts, gifts, novelties or variety merchandise, we have the sources for you. The below magazines can be ordered as yearly subscriptions or sample copies.

Retailers Forum Magazine - Published monthly, provides ads and offerings from wholesalers across the United States to small stores and on-line retailers. We print and mail 60,000 monthly copies, plus post the entire magazine on line monthly at
View Retailers Forum Ad Rates
Retailers Forum accepts advertising from wholesalers and manufacturers who are interested in expanding their sales to reach small and mid-sized retail stores.
Swap Meet monthly magazine provides flea market and swap meet vendors with wholesale sources from around the country. All types of products are available including wholesale variety merchandise, wholesale novelties, wholesale gifts, wholesale clothing and more. Each monthly issue also includes a convenience directory of flea markets in all 50 states.
View Swap Meet Magazine Ad Rates
Wholesalers can connect with over 75,000 active flea market vendors by advertising in Swap Meet Magazine.
View Closeout News Ad Rates
Sell to the movers and shakers in the closeout business by advertising in this well-established monthly.
Solomayoreo is the country's first newspaper devoted to Latino retailers in the United States and connecting them with wholesalers and manufacturers.
View Ad Rates for Solomayoreo
Advertise in this unique venue which truly delivers the most niche marketing of all publications.